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Loans UK with Sterling Store!

In the period of financial instability, all people met some sort of money problems. These days you may feel confused about further steps. If so, try Sterling Store service. We could help with your emergency.

Our database includes a variety of UK direct lenders to satisfy all your demands. All you need is to fill the application and submit. Some lenders can approve your request the same day and give your money the next day. However, do not give up if you do not get an answer in a few hours. Sometimes, direct lender needs 1-2 business days to make a decision.

To use our services, you should enter personal data and apply. The application form is available around the clock. You can get 24/7 assistance at any time wherever you are. This way you automatically let us send your information to third-party persons – among them are direct loans lenders. They can also examine your credit history and score to be confident in the deal's safety.

We collected a large base of partners, so do not hesitate to ask Sterling Store for help.

Rates from 12.9% APR to 1721% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 1 month. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months.

Representative example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months.

Total charge for credit: £1564.59

Monthly Repayments: 17 x £87.22 followed by 1 x £87.70

Total Amount Payable: £1570.44

Interest: £570.44

Interest rate: 59.97% p.a.(fixed)

Representative APR: 79.5% (variable)

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* Repaid on your next payday

Quick Emergency Solution

Sterling Store is a UK Credit Broker and a good alternative to payday loans like Wonga. We pick all possible options for our customers and use a personal approach to solve your problem. People address us with various issues, but all of them are pressing emergencies. It can be a treatment bill, expired debts, or rent payments. No matter what happened, we are ready to help you get 24-hour UK payday loans – we could even help if you have bad credit.

  • Online 24/7 access to our website - apply at any time and wherever you are, using only your phone or laptop;
  • Simple online form - it takes up to 5 minutes to fill the application;
  • No need to visit offices - all the process is completely online;
  • Safe application - your data is reliably secured;
  • Speedy payments - usually it takes from 1 business day to 48 hours.*

Our principals are security and convenience. Working via Internet, we cover up both demands and boost our services – the whole procedure takes less than 2-3 days. The mechanism is simple: you fill the form, the data is processed, and you get a decision.

Before using our website, please get to know our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Staying on the site, you automatically agree to follow them.

Get Your Assistance from Direct Lenders

Sterling Store fits almost everyone. Our direct lenders demand only the basic criteria:

  • Age 18 and more;
  • Employment;
  • Bank Account;
  • UK citizenship.

Surely, other requirements depend on the deal details. You can be asked to provide other documents or your credit score will be checked. Such demands should be discussed with your direct lender. All data you give is secured by our encryption no matter if you get 12-month payday loans or just want to know the terms. It is needed only to provide your security.

Be Responsible: Applying for UK Payday / Short term Loans

Remember that all financial decisions are a serious matter that should be thought out. To make the deal successful, you are to make regular repayments and track your schedule. We understand that hard times may lower your income and make the process harder, but we appreciate responsibility.

Every lender offers different conditions. You will discuss them privately without our involvement. So, if you cannot pay this month or postpone the payment, our advice is to connect your lender directly and discuss this issue. Explain your situation and suggest ways out. Still, we do not guarantee success and will not persuade any party to make decisions. Submitting your information through this website, you agree with terms & conditions and allow direct lenders and brokers to verify the information you provide and check your credit history.

We do not give any loans and straight instructions. Keep in mind that Sterling Store is a broker, not a lender. Our service just connects payday loans to UK direct lenders with customers who need financial help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are payday loans UK?

It is a kind of loan, that usually has a short duration and used for sudden situations.
You take a small sum of money and repay it in 1-2 payments till your next payday.

How online loans work?

The borrower fills a special form with personal information and mentions the needed sum. After that, the direct lender checks the information and provides a decision. You receive money in 1-2 days.*

How long do payday loans stay on a credit report?

Any expired or unpaid payday loan stays on your score for 6 years. It has the same impact on your credit as other loan types.

What will happen if I cannot pay my debt in time?

It depends on the lender. In any situation connected with delaying or impossibility of repaying a loan, contact your direct lender, explain the situation, and discuss the solution.

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