Payday Loans like Wonga: How to Find a Wonga Alternative

Wonga was a famous loan company in the UK. They offered fast payday loans for all classes of the population. Unfortunately, in 2018 it went bankrupt. The reason was the rising amount of compensation claims. Many people still search for a good analog for their previous lender and looking for sites like Wonga. Then, here is some good news.

Since there are a great deal of other services with the same offers, it is hard to pick the best one. Searching for lenders never suggests any particular variant. But SterlingStore is an online service that connects people with possible lenders according to your needs and terms.

Instant Payday Lender: Wonga History

Wonga was an organization that offered payday loans in the UK. Their advantages were soft inquiry, fast work, and flexible conditions – it was extremely popular among British borrowers. However, in 2018 it rapidly went bankrupt.

Many customers now search for good lenders like Wonga.

We are not a lender ourselves. We only work with other trustworthy direct lenders and connect them with borrowers. Our clients are people who face unexpected troubles in their daily life. Surviving hard times, you will not waste your time for searching and choosing the way out. We’ll do it for you – explain to us your conditions and we’ll pick one of the lenders, appropriate in this situation. It helps to choose among a variety of offers, pin down with the best possible one. Our customers get instant payday loans like Wonga as soon as possible.

Can I Find Sites Similar to Wonga on Today’s Market?

Wonga was a famous company with a great status, but it doesn’t mean being unique. There are plenty of Wonga alternatives, as it has always been. Looking through such a choice, you may pick even better solutions. Sterling Store copes with trusted partners - FCA-authorized companies. We appreciate your will to stay safe and use only the best options. We thoroughly process every application to pick the variant for you. However, we never insist on any particular variant.

Why Do Customers Like Payday Loans like Wonga so Much

In the first place, it is a matter of experience. The service functioned for almost 11 years, before being closed for good. During this period, they supported thousands of people. Another issue is an innovative approach. Before this, only offline loans were available. It meant long lines, stretched terms, and strict rules for borrowers. However, many companies caught this trend alter. We are sure that you can easily find loans similar to Wonga.

All people we work with are specialists in short-term loans. They provide quick payments and flexible conditions. You can establish a comfortable repayment schedule, and wait for a lender who agrees to work with you. The organization was also famous for its calculator, where you may count the percentage according to the loan sum. Well, such an option is now available on other platforms.

Most lenders you will work with have their website, where you can find all the essential elements. Among them are the mentioned calculator, detailed explanation of options, and support. You may only fill the application form and all other jobs will be done for you. Moreover, we pick partners only from the UK, so all transactions are fast and easy to track.

How to Choose a Suitable Payday Lender?

Surely, it is a subjective issue. The choice depends on your abilities and needs. SterlingStore is not a lender itself but we easily can help you to match your application with offers. All direct lenders are independent services that proved their trustworthiness over the years. All of them have their advantages, essential for different cases.

After the application is approved, you are to keep in touch with your direct lender. We do not participate in these relations and influence the decisions of any side. Before cutting the deal, you should discuss all matters again to agree. You can change the conditions, make compromises, and plan further cooperation. At this step, you can be sure of your safety and trust the person you cope with. The application process has never been so easy. However, remember that each of our partners can be a good alternative to Wonga.

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